Week 1 GAPS diet

I was hoping to update more often, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. With all of the preparation and cooking on top of the usual duties…I find it near impossible to find the time. I do hope that our experience can benefit others though, so I will continue to post as often as possible.

We have completed one week of the GAPS diet. We started with the introduction diet, as recommended for the best chance at healing. Since Ava has so many food sensitivities, she is still on Stage 1. This means she eats stock, meats, veggies and lots of other animal fats. Since the rest of the family shows no sensitivity to dairy, we have added in ghee, yogurt (home made and fermented for at least 24 hours), kefir and butter. Today we added egg yolks.

This past week we ate a lot of soup! It is important to get the stock into the diet, and soup is obviously the easiest way. We also had meatballs, which I served with a gravy made from stock and all the really fatty, gelatinous parts of the chicken or beef. These parts are not the most pleasant to chew on, but they are so beneficial, so pureeing them into a sauce is ideal. The kids loved it!

We have also been drinking a bit of sauerkraut juice each day. Fermented vegetables are chock full of good bacteria to help heal and repopulate your gut. However, some people can react to this, which it appears Ava did. There can be a strong detox effect. I think I gave her too much, too soon, but she definitely had an intense flare up after consuming it. I have given her just the smallest amount (literally a drop) for the past couple of days. I don’t notice as severe a reaction, but I do believe there is some detoxing happening. Right now we really have to evaluate the situation closely to try and determine if she can tolerate the kraut juice or not. If she can’t, it may be a sign of histamine reaction, in which case, things would be even more complicated. We would then try to avoid any high-histamine foods, including leftovers! In a situation like this, people often choose low histamine foods, freeze leftovers right away and ferment all vegetables for as long as 12 weeks. Although others say a histamine sensitivity is a sign of yeast overgrowth.  We will have to keep an eye on things very closely.

We have continued with daily baths. We have been adding detoxing aids such as baking soda or Dead Sea Salt. The Dead Sea Salt has been my favorite. A bath with that, in combination with covering her in a paste of bentonite clay and wrapping, has really soothed Ava’s skin, especially after she had those extremely itchy flare-ups.

Finally, there have definitely been some changes in her bowel movements. It appears that her body is cleaning out her gut a bit.

The really good news is that Ava has enjoyed all the food I have made for her, so I don’t have to fight with her to eat. She drinks her stock from a little tiny cup and loves it!

As for the rest of the family, everyone has their moments, but overall I have to say, it has been pretty smooth. Today was difficult as we were invited to a baby shower and the children and husband we certainly feeling bad about not being able to eat any of the yummy looking snacks. I keep assuring them it is not forever, but that doesn’t always help a toddler.

I’m praying that we see some improvement in Ava’s skin really soon, but I know one weeks on the GAPS diet is not very long at all. So, we will press on!



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