Day 8 National Jewish Health Atopic Dermatitis Program

Well, there is not much to report today. Ava had her bath and head wrap before we left for the hospital. We got there just about 9am and were able to remove her head wrap about 9:45. At 10am, I met with Dr. Lanser, Dr. Darr and one other doctor who is the attending for the month of February (but unfortunately cannot even attempt to spell his name right now). We discussed Ava’s discharge report since Dr. Lanser will not be available for our last two days. This just lays out the guidelines of care – how many baths when her eczema is severe, moderate, mild or maintained, a review of her food allergies, methods for keeping her from scratching. Unfortunately, the doctors determined that we could not attempt any food challenges again today. Ava’s face and neck were still too red and her right eye looks quite swollen. So, we discussed what challenges were most important to try and fit in. Depending on how she looks tomorrow, we will hope to challenge baked dairy first. That leaves sunflower butter (as an alternative to nut butters) and sesame. Of course, our ability to get all three of those done hinges on how clear she is tomorrow and whether or not she will have another flare in reaction to the next challenge. The possibility of me staying longer was even thrown out there, but I have to get home. They also asked about me coming back to accomplish more food challenges.

So, that’s it. There was a class about Atopic Dermatitis at 3pm, so Ava and I did some window shopping and had some lunch. We returned to NJH for the class and although a lot of it was information I already knew, I did learn a bit about trying to control dust mites and about some products that may be helpful to us.

The truth is, it was a disappointing day. However, Ava was looking much better tonight, so I am hoping to at least challenge baked dairy tomorrow. And praying that she does not flare up again!


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