Day 5 National Jewish Health Atopic Dermatitis Program

Ava slept all night last night without waking once! She fussed for just a couple minutes at one point but went right back to sleep. That is great progress. She slept until 8 this morning, which was fine because we did get snow last night and were delayed a little bit this morning. We didn’t get into the hospital until about 10am.

Since Ava slept late, we didn’t do her bath before we got to NJH, so we did that first thing. We only had to wrap her head/face and didn’t have to use any steroids, except for a very small amount on the couple spots that are being stubborn. That is just a little spot on her forehead and a similar size spot on her lower back. These were two of her favorite spots to scratch.

One of her many wagon rides.

One of her many wagon rides.

When it was time to take her wraps off, she ate a little lunch and then we did a food challenge. We challenged soy today and did just fine. Soy is something that our family does not eat, however something like soy lecithin can be hard to avoid at times, so it’s good to know that she isn’t bothered by soy.

It was my turn to do the nose wash today so that I was prepared to do it over the weekend. It was tough because Ava has such a tiny little nose! It really is effective, helping to flush out any allergens.

So, that was it for today. The nurse and I went over the plan for the weekend. I will still bathe Ava twice a day, but only have to wrap her head/face tomorrow morning and night. Come Sunday, if I don’t think she needs the wrap after her morning bath, we can skip it. We really need to keep our eye on any flaky skin and be sure to moisturize often, but don’t need the steroids!

We left about 3pm, just in time for the snow to start again.

It has been a long week and I am looking forward to (hopefully) a restful weekend. Ava has come a long way in just 5 days! I am praying that we can keep her skin looking and feeling as good as it does now. Next week we will spend most of our time doing food challenges.

Day before we started the program.

Day before we started the program.

After 5 days

After 5 days


10 thoughts on “Day 5 National Jewish Health Atopic Dermatitis Program

  1. thanks for sharing! She’s looking awesome! Did you find that her flare ups came and went at home? Since you have ruled out environmental allergies and have stayed away from nuts, it will be interesting to see what they find out… Our daughter is also allergic to nuts (tree and peanuts), but when we stopped them we didn’t see much of a change. Just can’t figure out how she can go from being happy and not itchy to so itchy with raised bumps… do the dr.’s say that flare ups can be the cause of something other than allergies? Thanks for any insight you can gather on this. Also, our allergist said that if our daughter’s dust mite allergy were a cause of the eczema she would also be having sneezing/itchy eyes and she is not, so he seems to think that the dust mites aren’t a cause. Have you heard anything like that?

    • Hi Dana,
      Yes, her flares came and went. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to them. The first day I was at NJH, when I was talking to Dr. Lanser, he told me that is common. He also told me it was common to remove certain foods that you suspect are causing the flares and see no improvement. That happened to us as well. Also, Ava showed a slight sensitivity to eggs and dairy. She could have been more sensitive to those when she was younger, while nursing exclusively and I was consuming those foods, and now as she is getting older, her body can tolerate them better. However, it seems that a really big problem can just be the scratch cycle. Once they start scratching and breaking the skin, ANYTHING can seem to cause the eczema. The skin is broken, exposing toxins/allergens to the blood and this itches. Healing skin also itches, so as her body is trying to heal the skin, the scratching continues…and so you have the vicious circle. Until you really, truly heal the skin, there is no getting out. Your situation sounds an awful lot like ours. I hope you are able to get some relief soon!

      • Thanks so much for your response. So basically, if you keep the skin healthy with the wet wraps and desonide the flare ups will be minimized? And just maintain healthy skin with a Vanicream? I so appreciate your help. Ava is looking awesome!

  2. I am so glad to see the difference in just 5days. Do they know what caused her eczema seeing she doesn’t eat nuts or soy? Just to let you know Braelyn is scheduled to have her thyroid removed this Thursday. Praying she will do as well as Ava. Hugs &kisses for Ava.

  3. Wow, what a nice difference! I developed allergic eczema (allergic contact dermatitis) in 2009 and fear that I’ll pass it onto future children… I commend you for the strength you have for your little girl. She’s lucky to have you! I send her all the good will in the world and hope that one day she won’t have to keep battling this skin condition.

  4. Little Ava is such a good trooper (and mom, too :-)) We are praying for continued progress. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  5. So glad to see your progress at National Jewish! We are scheduled to be there starting the 10th, so it sounds like we’ll be there right after you leave.

    We are struggling to figure out what kind of clothes to bring for the wet wraps. Can you give us tips? Specifically we’re wondering about the cotton tube socks. Do they need to be 100% cotton? What size for a 15 month old? Where do you buy them?

    Thank you! Visit our blog to read our story so far:

    • Hi Matthew! So sorry we’ll miss each other, but I wish healing for your little one. For the tube socks, they don’t have to be 100% cotton, but mostly cotton. (It’s impossible to find 100% cotton these days.) The best I could find was 87% cotton. They are the No-Nonsense brand and I got them at Walmart. They were women’s, but for a 15 month old should be just fine. They weren’t called tube socks, I think it was crew) They are plenty long enough for Ava (she’s 16 months today.) For the clothes, the first couple days when Ava needed to be wrapped head to toe, she had wet socks on her arms, followed by a wet cotton, one piece zip up footsie pajamas, followed by dry socks on arms and legs. Then dry sweatpants and sweatshirt or a robe works too. Carter’s is the best place for the one piece cotton pajamas. Luckily, I had some. As time went on, she didn’t need her legs wrapped, so we didn’t necessarily need the footsie pajamas. Now we are just wrapping the head, so she can wear anything. I would say I could have used more sweatshirts because doing three baths a day, they still get wet and you want to be sure the kids are staying warm. Hopefully that helps! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

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