Day 3 National Jewish Health Atopic Dermatitis Program

The days are going by pretty fast!

Today we started with a bath right away. There was no crying about baths at all today! Dr. Lanser said her arms and hands looked great, so there was no need to cover them with the wet layer. She still has some pretty thick skin and deep creases on her ankles/feet, so we still did the wet layer on her legs. Of course her worst spot is still her head/face, which has been the slowest to heal, but that’s because it’s the toughest to wrap. However, it is still drastically improved.

It is amazing to see Ava so anxious to play, even when she is wrapped up. She never wanted to play before and always clung to me. Now she is anxious to go, go, go and she is very busy!

After the two hours of being wrapped was up it was time for her first skin test! Today they tested food: dairy, egg, wheat, seafood, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and soy. Here is a picture of what her back looked like:


The biggest reaction was to sesame and all the rest were to nuts, except for the two smaller ones on the far, upper left, which were dairy and eggs. Good news and bad news. Well, maybe not bad news, just curious. First of all, for the good news, the reactions to eggs and dairy was just about the same size as the reaction to histamine (near the plus sign on the upper right), so we can probably do a food challenge with those and have them in her diet. Curious news is that nuts have not really been a part of her diet. She has never had peanuts and only had almonds a few times. So I continue to wonder what was making her eczema so bad. All of these results will be compared to the results from the blood test to get a better picture. Wheat, fish, shellfish and soy had no reaction. We will do another skin test tomorrow, this time for environmental triggers.

Next we had lunch and some more play time while we waited for it to be time for the next bath.

We did the same routine as the first bath of the day, skipping the wet layer on the arms/hands. It was 3pm by the time she was all wrapped up, so the nurse said we mind as well get on our way and just unwrap her when we got back to the house. She fell asleep in the car since she hadn’t napped all day. She had lots of energy when we got home!

We had a lovey dinner with the family that is hosting us. They have been so accommodating! We are so appreciative!

After dinner it was bath time again and now Ava is asleep, hopefully for a while!

Thanks to everyone who has read and followed this blog. It has been much more popular than I ever expected!


3 thoughts on “Day 3 National Jewish Health Atopic Dermatitis Program

  1. Ava,
    I am so glad you want to play and that you are giving Mommy a few more minites of sleep.
    My back has been hurting a lot and I try to think of what you go through every day and it doesnt hurt as much.
    I am looking forwRd to hearing about your improvement.

    Enjoy those baths

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